In front of us is North Pier, one of the piers of Kralendijk. Right behind it is a small uninhabited island, Klein Bonaire. Several centuries ago, slaves were kept on this island, as is evidenced by the huts found on it. In order to preserve the unique and almost untouched corners of nature, the Bonaire Wildlife Fund bought this island in 1999.

On the left part of the screen, we can see a modern landmark, Ancient Structure Band Stand. This small gazebo quickly became a favorite vacation spot for locals and tourists because you can hide under it from the hot sun at the height of the day or just watch the boats and yachts moored on the pier. Behind the gazebo is the Protestante Kerk van Kralendijk, the Protestant church of the island.

Near the pier are several cafes and restaurants, as well as a clothing store, One Stop Shop. You can try the local dishes (mainly a fish menu) and drink refreshing drinks in City Cafe and El Mundo Restaurant, and enjoy the taste of real ice cream in the cafe, Luciano Ice Cream.

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