Tropical fish, from the biggest to the smallest, scurry from one reef to another, right off the coast of Kralendijk, a town on the west coast of Bonaire Island. We can watch their amazing dance, thanks to the underwater webcam.

Soldierfish, barracudas, lactoria cornuta, green shining tamarins, flute fish, French angels (yes, this is also one of the fish species), hogfish, and many other representatives of the underwater fauna are shown by this camera. Attentive viewers can also see turtles, dolphins, and even whale sharks.

The camera is installed in a small strait, between Bonaire Island and its small satellite, Klein Bonaire Island. In this part of Kralendijk, there are several hotels, as well as a water park. On our website, you can look at the coast of the island, where ships and boats are moored in Kralendijk.

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