British Columbia. Robson Bight

We are leaving for the island of Vancouver, to its northern coast. Here, in one of the bays of the island, a surveillance webcam is installed, which shows the natural sights of Canada. Robson Bay is located next to Lower Tsitika River Provincial Park, which was formed around the eponymous river in 1995.

Robson Bay is located in the western part of the Johnston Strait. On the opposite bank of the strait, we can see the shores of West Cracroft Island. The nearest settlement to the bay is Telegraph Cove (Telegraphic Bay), where only a couple dozen people live.

Every summer, Robson Bay becomes home to many killer whales, which is why in 1982, the bay area received the status of an ecological reserve. In 2007, an ecological disaster was averted there. On August 20, 2007, about 10,000 liters of diesel fuel went to the bottom; the tanks were immediately lifted onto a floating barge with a crane.

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