Calgary. Manhattan Road

A traffic camera in the southern district of Calgary, Alyth-Bonnibruck-Manchester, broadcasts traffic at the intersection of Manhattan Road, 4th Street, Manilla Road and Manitoba Road. We are looking at measured car traffic from the shopping center, where the Chilean cuisine restaurant, Empanada Queen, and several small shops are located.

Alyth-Bonnibruk-Manchester is a classic industrial zone of the suburbs, built up with shops, car dealerships, supermarkets, and other similar establishments. There is also the Calgary Center for Spiritual Living. The Canine Fitness Center is visible in the background.

The roads you see on the screen encircle an industrial area, and one of them (Manhattan Road) leads to the center of Calgary and to inter-city highways, leading to Canadian cities bordering the United States.

There are public transport stops at the intersection, so you can get to the industrial zone not only by car, but also by bus.

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