Langford. Fountain with Illumination

The Canadian city of Langford is located off the coast of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Low-rise buildings and large recreational zones are typical for this small town on Vancouver Island. The camera is installed in the center of the city, in front of the fountain on the traffic circle at Gold Stream Avenue and Bryn Maur Road.

In the background, we can see a shopping center and its parking lot. The musical fountain in the center of the city was built into the framework of the program for the development of urban infrastructure in 1992. In the dark, the whimsical play of the water is highlighted by bright lights. Drivers should be careful when crossing this intersection and not be distracted by bright colors.

Local entrepreneurs could not ignore the new attraction. Langford Fountain Diner restaurant was opened right at the fountain. In this part of the city, there are some other attractions, such as the Catholic Church and the Public Library.
It’s interesting that the Royal Colwood Golf Club is almost in the heart of the city. From the fountain, the golf course can be reached in a few minutes.

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