Changping District. The Great Wall of China

This is a panoramic view over the Changping Mountains. The old legend says that four beautiful girls, daughters of one ancient god, were once turned into four mountains. The snowcaps on the tops of the mountains in fact are girl’s snow-white scarves.

The webcam is located in the Pine Valley Golf Club & Resort in the Changping Valley, not far from The Great Wall, which is one of the main landmarks of China. The Pine Valley Golf Club & Resort occupies territory of about 4,5 square kilometres and features four perfectly maintained golf fields with total of 54 holes. This is a real VIP and one-class golf club opened for high and mighty only.

An exclusive polo club is as well available for the guests of the Pine Valley Golf Club & Resort. People say that horse runs and polo tournaments, which are very often held on the local stadium, are a very popular show.

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