Bale. Tomaso Bembo Square

A camera on Tomaso Bembo Square, in the medieval Croatian town of Bale, shows us the local municipality, as well as the ancient Soardo-Bembo Palace. As in any old town, we can see a winding network of small streets in the center of Bale. The palace and the square in front of it are on a hill, so the roads here are a kind of serpentine.

On the right, we can see the gate to the palace. Next to it is the Kamene Priče Jazz Apartments. It is a unique chance to stay in the heart of a medieval town. A Studio apartment for two is only 60 euros.

Tourists come to this small town mostly by accident. During the journey to the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Bale is an ideal option for a small excursion and relaxation. It includes several coastal areas where popular camping sites for tents or auto-camps are located.

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