Bednja. Trakošćan Castle

Today, we will get acquainted with a beautiful castle in northwest Croatia. Trakošćan Castle was built near the border with Sloveneia in the 40s of the 19th century. This neo-Gothic style castle can easily be called a “novelty” because in its place was once another equally magnificent castle.

Trakošćan was first mentioned in documents dating to the middle of the 14th century. Then, the fortress served as a checkpoint. The rulers of Croatia, Ivan Drašković II and Ivan Drašković III, owned the castle.

Today, the castle is a museum where various instruments and elements of the interior are presented, as well as portraits of the Drašković family. Tourists are also interested in the surroundings of the castle, the picturesque park and Trakošćan Lake.

We are looking at the magnificent castle from Hotel Trakošćan. In addition to comfortable rooms from 100 euros per day and being within walking distance to the famous Croatian landmark, the hotel has a bar right on the lake and its own fitness center.

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