Bednja. Veliki Gorenec

We are going to the periphery of Croatia, to the small town of Bednja. This camera is installed in its vicinity. We are looking at the road leading to Bednja, from the village of Veliki Gorenec. Few people get from warm Croatian beaches deep into the country.

The Purga Bednjanska road leading to Bednja, which you see on your screen, passes through picturesque places with beautiful meadows and hills on both sides.

Veliki Gorenec has a population of about 50 people and about 18 family households. Like most small villages, Veliki Gorenec is gradually dying out, the population has become three times less in the past 100 years. Now, you can find several offers in the real estate market, such as a small house of 60 square meters, with a large backyard, for only 9,500 euros.

Although it is an unremarkable village, it has some attractions, one of the main ones being north of the town — Trakošćan Castle, next to which one of the webcams is also installed.

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