Bednja. View from Trakošćan Castle

The camera in the Croatian castle of Trakošćan, located in the north of the country, shows us the approaches to the castle, as well as the large and modern Trakošćan Hotel. We can see that tourists can find not only the stunning interiors of the medieval castle here, but also the beautiful nature of the Varaždin County.

In the morning, guests of the Trakošćan Hotel enjoy a hearty breakfast buffet, after which they can go to the castle or simply take a walk in the surrounding area—parks, meadows, high hills—all at your disposal. Trakošćan has a fitness center with a swimming pool, a gym, a beauty salon, and a sauna.

From the hotel, there are convenient paths to the castle, a walk along which is like a little excursion. In the background of the image, we can see Ravna Gora towering over the surroundings at 680 meters above sea level. Another natural treasure near the castle is Trakošćan Lake, the area of which is about 200 square meters, and which is 425 meters below Ravna Gora.

If you want to enjoy the views from the Trakošćan Castle, as well as explore the castle itself, the entrance fee is only four euros.

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