In front of us is one of the small bays of the Croatian island of Hvar. The camera is installed on the quay of the port of Jelsa and shows us the coastal zone of the resort. Jelsa includes several small settlements with a population of several dozen people to several hundred. About 2,000 people live in the town of Jelsa.

On the opposite shore of the bay, you can see not only yachts and boats but also planes that fly to the local hydro-airport of European Coastal Airlines. Almost all buildings on the coast are occupied by various cafes, restaurants, clubs, and hotels. On the screen, we can see popular establishments Spizza and Arsenal.

Exactly the same picture is on the southern side of the bay, from which we are looking at the coast of Jelsa. In addition to cafes and bars, there is the church of St. John, as well as the Catholic Church of the Ascension.

The resort has a lot of hotels. There are very inexpensive options, such as Bosiljak apartments for 40 euros per night, and large hotels, like Hotel Hvar, with outdoor pools and additional services.

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