The cozy resort of Malinska, on the western coast of the island of Krk, is built near a small harbor. We are looking at it from the tourist center, where the guests of the village can get information on attractions and entertainment for the whole island.

Most of the boats and yachts belong either to travel agencies, individuals, or are rented. In the 18th century, when a port was built in Malinska, large trading ships came here because the coastal town was a large export transport hub.

The first passenger steamer came to the island in 1866. The development of Malinska as a resort began then. It was visited by the heir to the Austrian throne, Prince Rudolph, in 1885. That is why at the beginning of the 20th century, Malinska was visited by many royal persons.

Now, anyone can come here and learn from their own experience how rich people relaxed 100 years ago. It is affordable now. Hotel Adria, closest to the tourist center, offers three-star rooms, with a garden view, for 150 euros per night.

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