We are on the north shore of the island of Murter, in the coastal resort of the same name.

The camera is installed at the intersection of several roads, one of which leads to the Murter embankment, its pier and beaches. In the midst of the summer season, in the daytime, you will see a lot of cars and tourists. The intersection of Butina, Hrvatskih vladara, Murterskih skola, and Luke is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, bars, souvenir, and other shops. Life is in full swing!

In the center of the crossroads, we can see a flagpole with a Croatian tricolor, and right behind it is a tourist center, which helps vacationers get acquainted with all the sights of Murter, as well as interesting places on the neighboring islands.

When the sky is clear, such mountains as Vinik Mali, Vinik Veli, and Tegina located on the islands near Murter, as well as the peaks on the mainland of Croatia, are visible on the horizon.

We can see a lot of dining tables, which are located along the road by local restaurants. Naturally, the main dishes on the menus of these restaurants are fish because Murter used to be famous for its fishing industry.

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