We are leaving for the Croatian island of Murter, to the beach of the resort of the same name. In front of us is a shallow beach located on the Slanica Bay. There is well-equipped infrastructure for tourists — hotels and restaurants, campgrounds and parking lots, rental of beach equipment; all of this and much more can be found 900 meters from the center of Murter.

Thanks to the gentle entrance to the water, on the beach of Slanica people often play picigin, a game that was invented in Split, another resort of Croatia. The task of the game is very simple — while in the water, pass the ball through the air, with any part of the body, to other players. At the height of the season, it is quite difficult to find vacant places on the beach, so experienced tourists go to the sea early in the morning to get the best place in the sun.

Slanica is the perfect holiday destination for the whole family. Adults should not worry about their children playing in the water near the sandy beach, as the good location of the bay provides calm weather and the absence of high waves.

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