Vejers Strand. The Center of the Resort

No matter how strange this may sound, we can see the downside of the Vejers-Strand Resort. The fact is that tourists usually don’t stay in this Danish town, they go to campsites, where they can get everything necessary for a good holiday.

However, even such a small street as Vejers, has several attractions, shops and hotels. Guests of the resort can visit an art museum, restaurants and local boutiques.

Also located in Vejers-Strand is a local history museum and a small factory called Vejers Dropskogeri, which produces natural chocolate.

Two centuries ago, the local population was engaged in fishing, but at the turn of the 19th – 20th centuries, tourism became the main business. The main tourist facilities are situated close to the beach. Thus, Vejers turned into a ghost town and is now used as a testing ground for the army.

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