There is another camera on the Vejers highway which connects the entrance of the Vejers-Strand resort with its huge sandy beach on the North Sea shore.

The beach in Vejers-Strand is popular, but it has no large hotels or restaurants or any kind of infrastructure. However, along the central streets of the resort, we can see several restaurants and cafes, as well as Strand-Gallerient, an art gallery.

On the way to the beach from the place where the camera is installed, you can see Strandhotellet, a big hotel, with rooms at 100 euros per night. It’s very close to the beach. Some tourists come to the sand beach in their motor homes. They stay in campsites of Vejers-Strand.

By the way, there is a lot of other entertainment in Vejers-Strand, besides the classic beach holiday, such as horseback riding along hiking trails or fishing on a freshwater lake a few kilometers from the beach. Additionally, gourmets can pick up mushrooms, and children can watch red deer, as more than 500 deer live there.

Interestingly, in 2012, a C-130 Hercules plane made an emergency landing on the beach.

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