It’s West of Denmark, on the North Sea coast. We are in the resort of Vejers-Strand. The camera is installed at the entrance, next to the Vejers Highway, in one of the traditional Danish houses for rent. You can choose one of the many cottages on the site of the resort. The simplest accommodation for four people costs 300-400 euros per week .

As you can see, there is a quality urban infrastructure, even far from the center of the resort. Large playgrounds attract not only children but also adults. A playground in the center of Vejers-Strand looks like that.

On the opposite side of the road is the large Stjerne campsite. Tourists with motor homes or tents stop here. There are many amenities for guests, including a supermarket, the Internet and large family bathrooms.

From Vejers, you can get to such major Danish cities as Esbjørg and Vejle.

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