The state of El Salvador is located on the Pacific coast, but its capital is remote from the coast, and provincial settlements have taken all the glory of resort towns. This camera in Acajutla shows us the moorings of the local port, where both cargo and passenger ships are moored.

The port of Acajutla is one of the most important components of the Salvadoran economy. A huge amount of goods, both import and export, pass through it. The port belongs to CEPA (Executive Commission of the Autonomous Port).

The port of Acajutla was considered an important economic object in the 16th century, when the Spanish colony exported cocoa and other products. After 200 years of active operation, the port of Acajutla had lost its former greatness and remained in disrepair. The port of Acajutla got a new life in the 19th century and even used to be the main port of El Salvador. Then, the neighboring port of La Libertad received this honorary title.

Today, the port of Acajutla has eight moorings, which are located in three modern docks, equipped to receive all types of ships.

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