Santa Ana Department. Santa Ana Volcano

Just 80 kilometers west of the capital of El Salvador is the huge active volcano, Santa Ana. The department, where a volcano is located, has the same name as a town at the foot of Santa Ana. The volcano is also known by another name, Llamatepec, which has its roots in the Pipil language (the language of the Indian peoples of El Salvador).

Over the past hundred years, eruptions in the crater of Santa Ana occurred three times — in 1904, 1920 and 2005. It is noteworthy that on its slopes, Llamatepeс has several so-called parasitic volcanoes. The first ascent of the volcano was in 1556.

The height of the volcano is 2,381 meters above sea level — the highest point in all of El Salvador. Santa Ana is part of the Apaneca volcanic ridge, which in turn is part of the Cordillera mountain system.

Tourist routes are laid along the slopes of Llamatepec. The greatest number of travelers climb to the crater from October to May, when there is almost no rainy weather. On the way to the top of the volcano, tourists can find numerous transshipment points and camps. Climbing is allowed only with a guide.

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