San Miguel. San Miguel Volcano

San Miguel or as it is also called, Chaparrastique, is one of the largest volcanoes in El Salvador. It is located literally in the suburb of San Miguel, 11 kilometers southwest of the city. The diameter of the crater of the volcano is about 800 meters and it is 2,130 meters high, which makes it the third largest in the country. The highest volcano in Salvador is shown by another camera.

The volcanic activity of San Miguel was last seen in 2016. Prior to this, it had been active ten years earlier. Over the 304 years of observation of the volcano, more than 25 eruptions have been recorded, the largest of which occurred in 1787.

The webcam, directed toward the crater of the volcano, allows us to monitor the activity of Chaparrastique and also to see the natural beauty of El Salvador.

The second name of the volcano comes from the Lenka languages of Mesoamerica. The word “Chaparrastique” can be translated from these languages as “hot land.”

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