Havelsee. Stork's Nest in the Forde Area

We are located 70 kilometers west of the German capital, in the village of Havelsee. Since 2015, the attention of bird watchers has been riveted on it. That year, a tower with a nest for storks was erected in the garden of a German citizen, M. Schaefer, and an online broadcast was organized. As you can see, the cameras are installed at several points around the tower, as well as in the nest itself. This allows people to study the habits and behavior of storks in detail.

Since the observation of storks is quite expensive, the owner collects private donations on his website, which allows him to maintain the quality of the live broadcast at the proper level. The nest of storks has become a real asset of Brandenburg, it regularly gets into the news of the local press, as well as various TV programs.

In addition to storks on the screen, we can see another attraction of the Forde district, the village church, built in 1765. It is curious that the church has no name. With the camera, located in the nest, the tower of the church, which was completely reconstructed in 2000, is clearly visible.

The church is made in a restrained style. Inside, it has a wooden altar and kist o’whistles of 1861.

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