The German town of Kiel has become a popular tourist destination, due to its unique nature. Like the Norwegian coastal towns, Kiel is built on the shores of the eponymous fjord. The sixteen-kilometer bay has been turned into a large port, where both cargo and passenger moorings are located.

The camera is installed in the Church of St. Nicholas, the oldest building of Kiel and its main attraction. For hundreds of years of its existence, the church has changed only slightly. The largest update was the restructuring of the Gothic hall in the church in the 14th century. Since then, the church has only been supplemented with various extensions and interior decorations.

Of all the variety of interesting and memorable buildings on the shores of the Kiel Bay, the webcam snatched, perhaps, the finest structure. The Schwedenkai River Station on the west bank, in the center of the town, resembles a ship. The building has a passenger terminal, offices, and the administration of the berth. The first building of Schwedenkai was constructed in 1982, and a modern 12-story one, which we see on the screen, appeared in Kiel in 2010.

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