Assisi. Church of San Francesco

Despite its significance, history, architecture, and large territory, Italian Perugia remains in the shadow of its neighbor, the city of Assisi. Crowds of tourists, from all over the country and all over the world, come here. The magnificent Church of San Francesco is just 12 kilometers from Umbria International Airport.

The full name of this monumental building is the Basilica of St. Francis in the Sacro Convento monastery. San Francesco is the main church of the Franciscan Order and is among the six great basilicas of the Catholic Church. It is not surprising that this architectural heritage is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The church combines several architectural styles. Numerous excursion groups go around San Francesco for hours. The church includes several basic elements: the lower and upper basilicas, the 60-meter-high bell tower, squares, and various buildings.

The church was built in 1228. The first phase of construction was completed in two years. In 1230, the lower basilica was completed, where the relics of the saint were reburied, and 140 years later, frescoes were painted by Master Andrea in the lower church.

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