Castelli. View of the Commune

The houses that you see on the screen belong to the city of Castelli, located at the foot of Monte Camicia. Tourists are always welcome here, and a number of hotels operate for them in Castelli. Away from big cities, with fresh mountain air, time in the commune stretches leisurely, so, after only a couple of days, you feel rested from the bustle of big cities. The city’s narrow streets aren’t a tribute to the tradition of the construction of Italian cities, they’re a forced necessity, because it is incredibly difficult to build a wide road in the mountains.

The broadcast is conducted by Club Alpino Italiano. On the club’s website, you can fill out an application and start to conquer Italian mountains as part of an experienced team.

In this small commune, there aren’t many attractions, but the local art school, Liceo Artistico F.A. Grue, is still worth mentioning because of its alumni, known all over Italy (you can imagine that the stunning surrounding scenery affords students lots of practice material). The Digiosaffatte-Art ceramics shop is also worth visiting.

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