Pietracamela. Panorama of the Commune

The mountain range of incredible beauty, Gran Sasso d’Italia, stretches not far from Rome. We are in one of the villages built on the slopes of this array. Pietracamela is an ancient settlement with a rich history and many architectural monuments. The rocky formations that you can see on the screen perfectly complement stunning views of Pietracamela.

There are several museums here, and the town itself can be considered a museum because medieval buildings and various decorative elements such as bas-reliefs, inscriptions, and architraves are well preserved here. There are plates of the 15th16th centuries on houses; narrow streets are not spoiled by modern advertising posters, and they take travelers back a few centuries.

The camera is installed in the town center, near the main interchange. We are looking southwest toward Pizzo d’Intermesoli ( 2,635 meters above sea level) and the Gran Sasso d’Italia mountain range.

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