Norcia. Piazza San Benedetto

Tourist routes in the center of Italy often run through settlements located in the mountains. Lowlands are different. As you can see, the camera is installed in a small settlement surrounded by mountain peaks. We are located in the heart of the town of Norcia, in Piazza San Benedetto.

Despite its modest dimensions, Norcia is considered to be a major tourist center. Travelers know this town as an intermediate or starting point of hiking routes in the mountains. In addition, Norcia is famous with hunters who hunt boars in the vicinity of the town and prepare them well.

There are a lot of sights in Norcia. Unfortunately, in the summer of 2016, the earthquake partially destroyed the old church of St. Benedict, so now it is being restored.

Benedict of Norcia is considered the patron saint of the town, and the monument erected in the very center of Piazza San Benedetto is also dedicated to him.

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