Montedinove. Monti Sibillini

Montedinove is one of the villages in the central part of Italy, surrounded by high hills. At the edge of the village, in the Agriturismo La Valle dei Piceni, is a farm-hotel-restaurant. If you like the view of the mountains, you should book a room there.

The camera shows us the famous mountain range, also known as Monti Sibillini. The mountain is a watershed for the Apennines. Since 1993, Monti Sibillini has become a national park of Italy. Its peaks are two kilometers above sea level, and the highest is 2,476 meters.

Monti Sibillini is rich in its flora and fauna. Alpine anemones, orchids, chestnuts, beeches, and white maples grow here. Wolves, badgers, chamois, hares, squirrels, dormice, and wild boars inhabit the mountains.

Monti Sibillini is a popular tourist destination with both Italians and foreign travelers. You should visit the municipality of Visso, which, according to the legend, was founded 900 years before Rome.

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