Spoleto. Spoleto Cathedral

Italian landscapes are changeable. You can see huge fields on the way from Naples to Rome and admire the sea coast from a bird’s eye view. This live webcast takes us to the mountain village of Spoleto, located between Rome and Perugia.

The camera is installed in front of the main attraction of the ancient town, the Cathedral of Spoleta. We can see the central entrance, the tower, and the square in front of the cathedral where various concerts are often held, as well as local and national holidays.

Spoleta Cathedral was built at the end of the 12th century, and it was rebuilt several times. The largest reconstruction dates back to 1644. The interior is as magnificent as the exterior. The main element of the interior of Spoleto Cathedral is the fresco, “The Wedding of the Virgin Mary.” Its author, Filippo Lippi, is buried there.

Fans of antiquity will appreciate the original crypt of the 9th century, which has been preserved in the cathedral since its foundation. The cathedral itself is like a museum or gallery. You can find a huge number of ancient statues, paintings, altars, and other elements typical of Catholic churches.

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