Todi. Piazza del Popolo

In the heart of Italy, between the high Alpine peaks and the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the small town of Todi is comfortably located. On the screen, we can see its central square. Piazza del Popolo (do not confuse with the famous square in Rome, which is 130 kilometers from Todi), built on a high hill, gathered around itself all the major sights of the town.

The camera is installed next to the Annunciation Cathedral, which appeared on this square in the 13th century. The church and Piazza del Popolo are connected by a large beautiful staircase. In different centuries, palazzos were built around the square. This camera shows us several Italian palaces at the same time, but the main one is located in the center, it is Palazzo dei Priori. The building with a high tower is built in the Gothic style. The trapezoidal tower was built between 1369 and 1385.

In the neighborhood of dei Priori are Palazzo del Capitano and Palazzo del Popolo. Today, the square has become a popular tourist destination, where there are restaurants and bars. In addition to real Italian cuisine, you can find Gallery-Todi, the administrative building of the community and several churches outside the square.

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