Diano Marina. Panorama of the Town from the Turtle Pier

The town of Diano Marina was built on the shores of the Ligurian Sea in the suburbs of the large Italian resort, Imperia. The camera is installed on the Turtle Pier. We can see the town, the mountains in its background, as well as the central beaches of the resort.

In addition to tourists, Diano Marina attracts the attention of historians and archaeologists, from around the world, because during the excavations, artifacts that prove the prehistoric origin of the city are constantly found in the modern resort.

One of the main attractions of the town, the parish church of St. Anthony, is seen when the camera is directed to the northwest.

Fans of beach holidays can stay right on the beach, as a lot of hotels are built along the entire coast. One of them, Hotel Palace, offers a relatively inexpensive accommodation, within 100-130 euros for a double room.

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