Gubbio. Piazza Grande

We are heading to the very center of Italy, the province of Perugia. On the screen, we can see the main square of the town of Gubbio, Piazza Grande. Its construction began in the 30s of the 14th century and ended only 150 years later!

At the opposite side of the square, we can see Palazzo dei Consoli. The development of the area around the future Piazza Grande began with it. The facade facing the square is made of stone blocks. At the top of the building, we can see six windows. Each pair of windows is divided by pilasters. The building is crowned with battlements, decorated with lancet arches. An iron cage has survived to this day. In the Middle Ages, thieves were placed in it for the townspeople to mock them.

Since 1901, a town museum, which has an art gallery, an archaeological collection, and other exhibition premises, has been opened in Palazzo dei Consoli.

The southwestern part of the square offers a magnificent view of the town and its surroundings.

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