Perugia. Piazza Italia

We can see one of the central squares in the Italian Perugia. Several iconic monuments and institutions are situated around Piazza Italia. In the center of the square is a monument to Victor Emmanuel, one of the kings of the Kingdom of Sardinia.

On the left side of the screen, we can see the building of Palazzo Donini, and behind it is the Regional Council of Umbria. On the opposite side of the square is the building of the Prefecture of Perugia, which is part of the ancient fortress of Rocca Paolina. An art center has been opened in the same building.

The fortress was built here in the sixteenth century on the decree of Pope Paul III, and was considered a symbol of the papal power of the ancient city. Only the cellars of this unique mountain building have been preserved until our day. The grand structure can be seen in the paintings of artists of different eras.

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