San Feliciano. Lake Trasimene

Lake Trasimene is one of the largest bodies of water not only in the central part, but also in the whole of Italy. It is equidistant from the sea coasts of the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas. Thus, tourists who want to change their surroundings and swim in fresh water, as well as discover Italy from a new side, can spend a couple of hours to get from the seaside resorts to Lake Trasimenes. The nearest big city is Perugia. It is located 25 kilometers east of the lake.

The camera is installed in the territory of the Zocco Beach swimming pool and the beach of the same name. As you can see, this is a great place for outdoor activities. In addition to swimming in the large pool, you can play beach and classic volleyball, have a picnic, sunbathe on the lawn, and have a hearty meal in the Ristorante Riva del sole.

The lake covers an area of 128 km², its maximum depth is almost 7 meters, and it’s 15.5 kilometers wide. The main local attraction, the medieval fortress, is located on one of its islands. The islands of Maggiore and Polvese are linked to the shores of the lake by ferry service.

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