Rome. Panorama of the City

The webcam on the roof of Monti Palace Hotel is the perfect advertisement for a hotel in the center of Rome.

As you can see, it offers a stunning view of the sights of the Italian capital. Besides, the four-star hotel offers comfortable rooms at a price of 100 euros per night. This is a great option for two and includes a big breakfast, after which you can explore the architectural masterpieces of the city.

The camera displays general views of cities and some close-ups. We can see the monument to Victor Emmanuel II, located 2.5 km from the hotel, as well as Tabularia, the state archives of ancient Rome.

The high tower on the site of the former archive can be seen from different points of the city. Originally, there was no archive building in Rome, but historical documents grew in number. Tabularia was built in 78 BC, but during the fall of the Roman Empire, it was destroyed, although some fragments of the building have been preserved. The Senate Palace is there now.

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