Kōchi. The Niyodo River

We are heading to Kochi, the capital of the Japanese prefecture of the same name. The main natural attraction of these places is represented on your screens. The incredibly clean and transparent Niyodo River is recognized as the best river, in terms of water quality, throughout the country. Along the river, resort zones with new eco-hotels, golf courses, and other infrastructure are being built to attract a large flow of tourists to Kochi.

The camera is installed in the Ecokochi waste recycling center. This modern processing plant was built in 2011 and qualitatively changed the environmental safety situation of the entire prefecture.

The Niyodo River flows in picturesque mountain valleys, so walking along its banks is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the diversity of nature in this region of Japan. Along the river, there are several roads, so the transport accessibility of Niyodo is excellent.

In the background of the image, several houses are visible, the happy owners of which can boast of a successful arrangement of their habitation on the river bank.

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