Callantsoog. Beach Pavilion De Toko

A sandy beach, sea waves, a summer cafe — everything here is reminiscent of a typical resort in one of the hottest countries. But the hot season, here, lasts just a couple of months a year because we are on the North Sea coast in the Dutch village of Callantsoog. The camera is installed in the beach pavilion, De Toko.

In the pavilion, you can always have a snack or a drink for 3 euros, a hearty lunch for 10-13 euros, and a good Dutch beer for 2.50–3 euros. As soon as it gets colder, tourists prefer hot drinks, like coffee or grog.

At the height of the holiday season, famous Dutch DJs perform in the pavilion. The party starts after sunset and is usually free. The schedule of upcoming events is available on the wesite of the pavilion.

We can see a rescue tower in the background. The rescue service is provided only in the swimming season and according to the schedule.

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