Petten. Panorama of the Beach

The huge sandy beach of the Dutch community of Schagen stretches along the coast of the North Sea. The camera is installed at the rescue station, Reddingsbrigade Petten, in the same resort area. For tourists, there are a variety of things available, such as a developed network of bike paths, all necessary beach infrastructure, shops, cafes, hotels, guest houses, and much more.

Petten’s guests will be pleasantly surprised, not only by the magnificent beach but also by the giant onion fields. Petten’s economy is based on onion cultivation and tourism. Over the past few years, plans have been developing to build a quay for private boats and yachts, with space for 600 vessels, which would attract additional investments to the resort town.

The rotating camera at the rescue station shows us the sea in which vacationers are bathing or fishermen are standing, with fishing rods; we can also see sand dunes, a road along the beach, spontaneous tent towns, and a large beach pavilion, Zee en Zo.

In the pavilion, you will surely meet connoisseurs of Dutch alcohol. In the bar of the pavilion, you can try several varieties of beer, wine and other alcohol drinks.

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