Wellington. Lyall Bay

Lyall Bay is a coastal area of Wellington, New Zealand, located near the eponymous southern gulf of the city. On the eastern cape of Moa, the Wellington International Airport and the Miramar Golf Club are situated. Locals and Wellington guests can relax in Sinclair Park as well.

A camera on the shore of the bay shows us Lyall Parade. This beach is one of the safest places for swimming in Wellington, so you can always see children and elderly people here. Surfing Championships used to be held here.

The first name of the gulf is False Bay or “Wrong Bay.” The captain of the ship Winwick pronounced the names of the New Zealand ports in a wrong way. The modern name of the bay is after the director of the company of the 19th century “New Zealand,” which played a key role in the colonization of the country.

The suburb of Lyall Bay has good transport links to the center of Wellington, so tourists can stay anywhere in the city and easily visit the beach of Lyall Bay.

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