Muscat. Panorama of the District of Ruwi

Sheraton Oman Hotel is located in the east part of the city of Muscat, in the Ruwi district. You can see this area, which is the business center of the capital of Oman, on the screen. From the center of Muscat, Ruwi is separated by high mountains, which you can see in the background of the image.

The architectural ensemble is created in a single color scheme, which may seem familiar to you. The same ‘white’ city among the sand can be seen in Israel or other East Asian countries. Unfortunately, in the 1970s, many historic streets were demolished in Ruwi, which now are occupied by business centers.

Most shops in the area are built along the main street, which has the same name as the district itself. Ruwi Street connects the city of Matrah with the Wadi Adey area.

From almost anywhere in the district, you can see high antennas built on tops of hills. The Sheraton Hotel is not an exception. As you can see, high buildings on the mountain are perfectly visible from this point. For attractions in Ruwi, you can find several churches and Hindu temples.

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