Lajes do Pico. Coast

For several centuries, the southern coast of the island of Pico had been considered the main center of whale hunting. Now, in Lajes do Pico, tourists can visit the whaling museum and also watch these marine mammals in their natural habitat.

It should be noted that only one ancient fort (Forte de Santa Catarina) is located in Lajes do Pico. This is due to the location of the settlement on the very south of the central five of the Azores.

On the screen, we can see a road along the ocean, as well as one of the marinas for small ships.

A unique cave, Furna Mesh, which is two kilometers long, stretches from the center of the island to Lajes do Pico. It was formed as a result of the eruption of the Pico volcano, when lava made its way to the ocean over land and underground. The history of the architecture of the island can be learned by visiting the chapels and churches built in this village at different times.

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