Santa Cruz da Graciosa. Panorama of the Coast

We are on one of the smallest of the Azores, Graciosa. The main settlement here is built on the north shore. On your screen is the town of Santa Cruz da Graciosa. Throughout its history, which is almost 500 years, the island has been subjected to severe drought, which has led to the death of the local population from hunger.

Since the middle of the last century, the local population has been trying to emigrate to the US or to mainland Portugal, which leads to significant demographic problems. Over the past 70 years, the population has decreased by half — to 4,300 people.

We are looking at the coast from a hill in the southern part of the town. On it are towers of cellular communication and a church. In the town itself, there are well preserved ancient forts, fortresses, and fortifications that have long become popular tourist sights.

The island is famous in Portugal for its cognac and wine, as well as exquisite confectionery.

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