Elbrussky District. High Mountain Shelter LeapRus

An eco-hotel, alpine shelter, hotel-bivouac — all these refer to LeapRus, built at an altitude of 3912 meters above sea level, on the southern slope of Mount Elbrus. But no matter what you call it, you can definitely say that this is a unique place for accommodation during the ascent to the famous peak.

The shelter is located between Gara-Bashi and Shelter of Eleven. Comfortable hotel rooms are housed in unusual buildings that look like space capsules. The hotel complex consists of several modules for different purposes. Most tourists are struck by views from the dining room module of LeapRus, which has panoramic windows.

For beginners and unskilled climbers, LeapRus is an ideal intermediate point for rapid acclimatization. The shelter can accommodate up to 24 guests at a time. It includes 2 residential modules, East and West, each with 12 beds.

Accommodation in the shelter includes meals, Wi-Fi Internet and a transfer from the Garabashi station on the days of arrival and departure. All this costs 7500 rubles per day of stay in LeapRus.

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