The Nízke Tatry mountain range is located entirely in the territory of Slovakia, at the northern border with Poland. The peak, with the maximum height in this mountain range, is located between the cities of Brezno and Liptovský Mikuláš. The peak is Mount Ďumbier, with a height of 2,043 meters above sea level. However, the main tourist areas, where there are ski resorts and trails for travelers, are located on the slopes of the second highest mountain, Chopok (its top is only 19 meters lower than Ďumbier).

Nízke Tatry is a national park of Slovakia and a very popular destination for recreation, with both residents of this country and visitors from all over the world. Earning such a status was due to the unique nature of the mountain range. It is interesting that in some areas of the massif, for example, between Čertovica and Kráľova hoľa, virgin forests have been preserved.

Beautiful panoramas of the Slovak nature open to tourists from many mountain peaks of the massif. In addition to the above-mentioned Ďumbier and Chopok, Dereše, Chabenec and Kráľova hoľa are worth visiting.

In addition to forests and hills, the mountain range is replete with caves, many of which are open to visitors. Among them are such unusual places as Cave of Dead Bats (Jaskyňa mŕtvych netopierov) or Bystrianska Cave (Bystrianska jaskyňa), with a length of about 3 kilometers.

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