Kamnik. The Lift of Velika Planina Ski Resort

Velika Planina is a ski resort 35 kilometers north of Ljubljana. Tourists come here in the summer also, when there are hiking and cycling trails on the mountain slopes. In addition to the mountain peaks, you can see several sights here, like ancient churches, huts, and authentic Slovenian villages

The camera is installed near the lower station of the funicular. We can see double seats, as well as one of the peaks of the ski resort to which the lift leads.

Velika Planina does not have a great variety of trails, but at the same time, it has routes for both beginners and more experienced skiers and snowboarders. The easy and difficult tracks are about one kilometer long; the average one is three kilometers longer.

The ski slopes are located at an altitude of 1,412 — 1,666 meters above sea level. Velika Planina is great for family holidays and those who only master winter sports.

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