Kamnik. Panorama from the top of Gradišče

The panoramic camera of Velika Planina ski resort is installed on the upper station of the funicular. From the summit of Gradišče, you can enjoy an amazing panorama of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps massif and other natural beauties of Slovenia. Mountain peaks are visible in the distance. The highest of them is Grinterovets, at 2,558 meters above sea level.

Next to the ski lift, we can see traditional Slovenian houses, which are part of the interactive zone of the Shepherds Village resort. In the summer months, the slopes of Gradišče are also very popular with tourists. In different parts of Velika Planina, there are mountain huts where you can stay overnight or just relax.

It is better to travel in the mountains of Slovenia in a big company, then you can stay in a cottage for 12 people, for only 150 euros per night. You can find the prices on the website of the resort.

Several times a year, Velika Planina organizes major festivals with fairs, music venues, and other entertainment.

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