The Italy-Slovenian border is an incredibly picturesque place. Mountain peaks, rivers, and forests are complemented by man-made attractions, such as the Solkan Bridge. The online camera is installed on the bank of the river Soča, two kilometers from the Italian border. On the screen, we can see a stone bridge built in 1906.

The 220-meter-high Solkan Bridge is an arched structure erected over the river Soča. It used to be an architectural masterpiece, a unique structure. Solkan still has several records. For example, it is the longest railway bridge in the world built of stone blocks.

The initial construction of the bridge consisted of 4,533 stones, but during the First World War this magnificent structure was blown up by Austrian soldiers. Solkan received a second life in 1927. It’s interesting that the bridge survived the Second World War by a lucky chance, one of the projectiles aimed at Solkan missed its target, and the other fell on the bridge but did not explode.

Since 1985, the Solkan Bridge has been protected by the Government of Slovenia and the Society of the Protection of Architectural Monuments.

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