Trenta. Mountains of Prisojnik and Pihavec

We are heading to the border of three countries — Austria, Italy, and Slovenia. We are in Triglav National Park, in the Slovenian village of Trenta. From here, you can see a breathtaking view of the two high mountains, Prisojnik and Pihavec. The maximum height of the first of them is 2,547 meters, and the peak of the second is 128 meters lower.

Both mountains tower majestically above the Bovec community and belong to the Julian Alps, a mountain range with inaccessible peaks. The highest point of the Julian Alps is in Slovenia (Mount Triglav has a height of 2,864 meters), although the name of the ridge is associated with the ancient Roman ruler, Gaius Julius Caesar.

Several tourist routes have been laid to the heights of Prisojnik and Pihavec. Some of them are laid along the old border between Italy and Yugoslavia, which passed along Prisojnik at the time of both world wars.

Tourists can stop and relax in huts during the ascent to these mountains. The most famous of them is Pogačnikov. It was built in the middle of the last century, and apart from lodging, it offers guests an opportunity to try local dishes in their own restaurant. The mountain hut is open from July 1, until the last Sunday in September.

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