Cala Rajada. Cala Agulla Bay

The most eastern bay of Mallorca, Cala Agulla, is known for its eponymous sandy beach, which we can see on the left side of the picture. In 1991, the beach and the bay were declared, by the Parliament of the Balearic Islands, a natural area of special significance which is just below the level of the national park.

The bay is bordered, in the south, by Punta de Capdepera and, in the north, by Punta des Gullo. The second is hardly distinguishable in this image, but against its backdrop, we can see the high mountains and cliffs of another eastern cape of Mallorca, Cap des Freu. There is a mountain, Es-Telegraf, the height of which reaches 271 meters above sea level. Tourists can go on an exciting journey through these mountains and find the ruins of the ancient tower of Talaia de son Jaumell.

The beach of Cala Agulla is surrounded by almost untouched thick pine forest, hence the feeling that you came to a wild beach. Relaxation can be spoiled by the crowds of tourists, who are always numerous on this beach. It is interesting that the size of the beach is variable and depends on the changing wind direction throughout the year.

The camera is installed in the restaurant of Italian cuisine, Pasta Pasta Cala Agulla. The same stunning view shown by this camera appears to the guests of the restaurant from its open terrace.

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