Formigal. Formigal-Panticosa Ski Resort

The unique camera of the Formigal-Panticosa Resort shows us the ski slopes next to the Sallent and Cantal ski lifts. We can see skiers and snowboarders from a bird’s-eye view. The fact is that the camera is installed on a quadrocopter, which shows the panorama of the resort in motion, it’s very impressive.

The frequency of shooting varies, so the picture may not be the most current, but you certainly can see the route of the resort in fine weather. But vacationers can see snowcatchers, which support the slopes in perfect condition.

On the screen, we can see a lot of Pyrenean peaks, as well as several settlements at the foot of the mountains. For example, this camera shows Formigal, where Formigal-Panticosa Ski Resort is based.

Formigal-Panticosa has special offers, such as for 300 euros, you can stay in one of comfortable hotels or apartments and get a ski pass to all ski lifts of the resort.

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