The coast of Manilva is divided into several areas. In front of us is the pier of one of these areas, Puerto de la Duquesa. As you might have guessed, the port got its name after the town of La Duquesa. The yacht port is managed by the Public Port Agency of Andalusia.

Despite its compactness, the port is considered quite convenient for mooring and maintenance of yachts. The port entrance width is 70 meters, and its maximum capacity is 238 ships. On both sides of the port are the long beaches of Manilva. They have everything that tourists need for a comfortable rest—areas for games, amusement parks, bars and restaurants, as well as rental of umbrellas, sun beds, and other beach equipment.

If you like Puerto de la Duquesa, the following information is for you. In the port, you can take yachting and diving courses. The prices for the assorted courses vary. For example, a novice skipper course costs about 600 euros. And of course, sea walks, accompanied by an experienced sailor, are always available for tourists.

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